The Henry Goh Lightbulb

Mr Goh always had a great respect for new ideas and sudden inspirations, regardless of their source. He knew that every new creation tangible or otherwise is born from an idea. There is no new human enterprise or invention that was not once just an idea, however flimsy, in someone’s mind.

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, it has stood as the universal metaphor for bright ideas or sudden inspiration. It is not surprising that Mr Henry Goh chose a lightbulb to represent his firm’s commitment to protecting the rights of inventors and creators.

The distinctiveness of the logo, throughout the years, has become a successful source identifier for the firm.

Henry Goh: Patent, Trade Mark and Design Agents
  • On the left of the bulb is a hand, symbolising work or human endeavour – Mr Henry Goh invariably believed that ideas have to ‘be worked at’ to be a commercial success or to be of benefit to the thinking individual.
  • The bold ‘C’ superimposed on the bulb stands for ‘creativity’, without which all ideas stagnate.

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