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Patentability of Computer-Related Inventions in Malaysia

The patent-eligibility of computer-related inventions is a hot topic worldwide. The situation is seemingly forever in flux as the courts and patent offices around the world develop case law on the subject and constantly update their official practice. We are perhaps blessed in Malaysia by a dearth of case law on this matter. On the other hand, it is certainly helpful to foreign applicants that Malaysian practice gives due recognition to the examination results of the major patent offices, whether by virtue of the requirements when requesting examination or through reliance by applicants on the various PPH programs now in place. ... more

A Bintang Is Born

In Heineken Asia Pacific Pte Ltd v Super La Via Sdn Bhd [2019] MLJU 117, the Plaintiff is a company incorporated in Singapore and part of the Heineken Group which produces, packages, distributes, markets and sells more than 50 acclaimed beer, non-alcoholic beer and a range of other beverage brands, including TIGER and ANCHOR. Most importantly, the Plaintiff is the registered proprietor in Malaysia of various BINTANG (“star”) trade marks in Class 32 for beers. ... more

Geographical Indication (“GI”) Legislation in Singapore

Following the European Parliament’s consent for the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), the Registry of Geographical Indications was launched by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to allow registration of geographical indications (“GIs”) effective from 01 April 2019. ... more

The Unitary Patent System and what it means to Malaysian Applicants filing applications in South East Asia

For Malaysian applicants who have substantial business interest in Europe, the most popular and cost-effective route to secure patent protection in Europe has always been the application of a European Patent. A single application filed at the European Patent Office, once granted, can be validated in European countries that have been designated at the time of filing. ... more

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