Has the Bubble Burst? TEALIVE’s (CHA)Time of Reckoning

It has been more than a year since the High Court’s decision (for a refresher of the case please click and both parties have kept themselves extremely busy both on the business and legal front. ... more

Singapore – FinTech Fast Track

IPOS has launched an initiative designed to accelerate file-to-grant process for patents relating to financial technology (FinTech) and support growth of FinTech innovations in Singapore. It is also in line with Singapore’s move to become a Smart Nation and its status as a regional financial hub. The initiative which is called FinTech Fast Track (or FTFT) was launched on 26 April 2018 which coincided with World Intellectual Property Day. ... more

Federal Court Pronounces on the Approach to Inventive Step

Following the well-known SKB Shutters case another local patent dispute has reached Malaysia’s Federal Court, this time to answer questions of law on the proper approach to be taken for the assessment of inventive step. The Federal Court’s judgement is reported as Spind Malaysia Sdn Bhd v Justrade Marketing Sdn Bhd & Anor ([2018] MLJU 277). ... more

The Rise of ASEAN Countries in Innovation Capability

For several years, the ASEAN region has been touted as the next economic powerhouse possibly overtaking the European Union. With a combined population of approximately 620 million which is larger than the whole of European Union or North America, the ASEAN region has the third largest labor force in the world, behind only to China and India. ... more

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