IP for Famous Personalities

Famous personalities refer to people who have gained fame and public attention. They may be a singer, actor, comedian, television host, sport personality, model or even a business person. These famous personalities are often treated as role models by the masses. In today’s world, it is no surprise that people strive to imitate their idols’ lifestyle with the clothes they wear and products they consume. Indisputably, famous personalities are indeed capable of influencing and even changing the lives. ... more

Life Science Chapter

Patent litigation The patent infringement case of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp & Anor vs Hovid Bhd [2017] MLJU 77 – 06 January 2017; Suit no. 22IP-72-12/2014 of 2017 centered around Malaysian patent MY-118194-A (194 patent). This case is the first instance where a Malaysian Court has provided an interpretation of Sections 13(1)(d) and 14(4) of Malaysia’s Patents Act (MPA). ... more

A Compendium of TM Matters in Malaysia

It is commonly known that businesses and companies often undertake brand investment in order to increase their market share, which in turn will further enhance their reputation and goodwill. What is lesser known perhaps is that brand investment has the ability to induce a positive and substantial economic development of a market economy. A 2015 Policy Brief prepared for the European Centre for International Political Economy written by Fredrik Erixon and Maria Salfi, had a cogent discussion on the role of trademarks for a country’s economic development and how building value in trademarks and brands supports this contention. ... more

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