Dial ‘TM’ for the Ambulance

The deep-seated need for every brand owner to secure exclusive rights to use a trade mark does not discriminate when it comes to the source of the mark or identity of the owner. This is regardless of whether the owner runs a commercial enterprise or is a non-profit organization. The Plaintiff in this High Court case St. John Ambulans Malaysia v PJ Uniform Sdn Bhd fought to justify not only its cause of action but also its core identity, when the Defendant brought forth to question the Plaintiff’s locus standi as a non-profit organization in enforcing its trade mark rights. Here are some salient ... more

Singapore - Supplementary Examination of Patent Applications

Changes to Singapore patents law which came into effect on 14 February 2014 introduced a new procedure called Supplementary Examination (SPE). Under Section 29(1)(d) of the Singapore Patents Act, applicants may rely on the final results of search and examination of certain foreign or international applications for SPE of a patent application ... more

Options for Expediting Patent Prosecution in Malaysia

Intellectual Property (IP) is increasingly becoming a crucial catalyst of business growth in globalised and developing economies such as Malaysia. We have seen a steady growth of patent applications filed in Malaysia in the last decade which is a testament to the nation’s growing and evolving IP industry. Patent prosecution in Malaysia currently takes an average of 3 to 4 years from filing to grant. The bulk of the time is attributed to the lengthy examination process. The considerable time for patent prosecution may not be ideal for many patent applicants who seek to secure patent protection. In today’s ... more

A Skirmish of the Suds

On 06 July 2006, a trade mark application was filed for the mark OILUM by Galenium Pharmasia Laborotories, an Indonesian pharmaceutical company and the application was accorded Trade Mark Number 06011831. Subsequent to a smooth search and examination process by the Malaysian IP office, the subject mark was advertised for opposition purposes. ... more

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